Mothers Day Gift

The perfect Mothers day gift Just £99


When was the last time you were in the picture?
You are good enough to be photographed with your kids.
You are good enough to exist in photographs.
You must celebrate your life.

When last did you have photos taken of yourself with your children? I bet a long time or even not ever, does that dodgy selfie count?
I am SO excited to be offering a limited number of 30 minute ‘Mummy and Me’ mini photo-sessions as a perfect way to honour and celebrate the wonderful gift of motherhood. Often us adults (me included) can be a little or a lot camera shy and don’t like to get our photo taken much. Or maybe we’re the ones always taking the photo. If either of this is true for you, then it’s probably the case that you don’t have many photos of you with your children. I’m sure you have LOADS of them, but how many really nice photos do you have of you all together? Probably not very many. This is what these sessions are designed for. Getting gorgeous images of you with your favourite little people in the world.

Theses sessions are priced at £99 and include:
A 30 minute portrait session,
Flowers for the mum,
an online gallery to choose your favourite 8 images,
8 high resolution images by digital download and print release to enable you to print as much as you like.
Option to purchase extra images at £10 per digital image

These sessions can be brought as a gift voucher which must be redeemed within a month.

To book yours or tell your husband/partner, just click on the link below and press add to cart.…/mummy-me-sessions

Contact me to capture your connection this mothers day by

Email: or call 07828877598

or ‘like’ us on Facebook

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Pancake Day 2017: Breast milk pancakes

Breast milk pancakes recipe by Tree of Opals for Photography by Fiona,

What better way to include your little one this shrove Tuesday than to try out this breastmilk pancake recipe,  what is great about this is you can use any normal pancake recipe and substitute the milk for breastmilk and little ones can even help mash the banana or spoon in flour.

Many thanks to our friend at Tree of Opals for this recipe

These breastmilk pancakes are naturally dairy, sugar, salt and soy free though and take very little time to prepare, cool and serve.


an egg
a good glug of coconut* or vegetable oil
a few tbsp self raising flour
about an ounce (30ml) breastmilk
1/2 mashed banana for sweetness (optional)


Whisk the egg and oil together then add the flour, a little at a time, whisking as you go. It will become a thick paste then add the milk a little at a time until it’s a medium thick batter, about the thickness of thick gravy. Mash and add the banana if you’re using one.

Preheat a non-stick frying pan on medium high heat. You can add a little oil if you like but I find it works without if you have oil in the batter. Pour a little in the centre of the pan and quickly tilt it so the batter spreads all over.

When the edges start to go golden flip the pancake over. This only takes us about 30 seconds but it depends on the thickness of the pancake, the temperature etc. Cook until both sides are brown then dish up and allow to cool for little ones. Good toppings include the sweet like strawberries, homemade jam, chopped dark chocolate, and the savoury like chopped ham and basil or chilli con carne, or a little pesto and diced tomatoes.

Enjoy your pancakes let us know in comments X

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World Book Day 2017

Ah here it is again dressing up time. Whether you love it or hate it, children love dressing up but coming up with new costumes ideas each year for world book day can be tricky and also costly. This year world book day is on Thursday 2nd March, now is the time to start planning to avoid the last minute stress.

Last year Fiona’s and my own children decided to go as Harry Potter, Betty O’ Barely, Harry O’Hay and Winnie the Witch.

Harry Potter 

Josh loves reading and will often finish a new book the same day as he gets them. He wanted to go as Harry Potter which to Fiona’s delight was a easy choice. He wore a black cloak over his school uniform and  a scarf they picked up from universal studios. The look was finished off with his wand and painted scar.

Betty O’Barley & Harry O’Hay

Liam and Chloe are in the same class at school so we teamed up and sent them as Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay from The Scarecrows’ Wedding. We brought some cheap Easter bonnets and added some straw. We added straw to the arms of Liam’s shirt and bottom of his dugeress as well as too Chloe’s dress and boots. They finished the look with some scrap fabric used as scarfs and took a list of things they need for the wedding.

Winnie the Witch 

Keira loves all stories with witches in but finally decided to go as Winnie the Witch. She had great fun making the hat and wore a blue dress. I struggled to find a purple cloak so ended up buying a big (aged 9 years) purple cardigan.

This year Keira and Chloe have decided to go as Matilda and Miss Honey, which really suits their personalities as they love playing schools with Chloe often being the teacher.

Matilda– blue denim dress (Gap outlet £15), white cardigan and a red ribbon.

Miss Honey– Cath Kidson blue dress with flowers paired with a across body small handbag (often found in charity shops)

Oompa Loompa

Liam has gone for a Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. For this I will paint his face orange and spray his hair green. I will dress him in a brown t-shirt and white trousers with white braces.

Josh is still undecided as to who he will be but some other ideas include.


Gruffalo costumes are often found in supermarkets and is a easy costume for younger children.

Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs 

Red t-shirt/jumper with jeans complete the look with a blue bucket full of dinosaurs.

Paddington Bear

A blue duffel coat, welly boots, a red hat and old suitcase. For the finishing touch by add a luggage tag and write ‘Look after this bear’ on it.

Dennis the Menace

Red and black stripy long sleeve tshirt with black shorts and red socks.

Who is your children going to school or nursery as and how are you achieving the look? Pop us a message in the comments below.

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Congratulations! You can finally bring your precious little bundle home from hospital, you’ve been waiting 9 long months for this special time. It is very likely that there are lots of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who are all very excited to meet your new arrival. You are exhausted after labour and wanting to settle into your new family life, it is understandable that you may well feel slightly intimidated by the prospect of loud and excited people.

You can’t stop them from wanting to come, but you can make sure that the experience isn’t too much for you or your baby as much as possible.
These tips may help things go smoothly as they meet the newest member of the family:

1. Try to limit numbers

Babies can be easily over-stimulated and may become unsettled by crowds or being held by too many people. Yes, everyone wants to see you and wants new baby cuddles but the sensible thing to do is to try and limit visitors and to ask them to leave when you think either you or baby needs a break.

2. Let them help

Your visitors will love being able to help you out so try to let them as far as possible. Give them jobs to do from putting on a load of washing to bringing you a home cooked meal. You will be glad of the help in those first few weeks and they will be more than happy with a cuddle with little one in return.

3. Try to ignore the advice if its too much

You may have noticed this during your pregnancy with advice being given on a wide range of topics such as breastfeeding verses bottle, finding out the gender, clothing, and what you should and shouldn’t eat. Of course, you may be grateful and they may be giving you the answer to questions you had, but you don’t have to accept their opinions. Finding your feet as a new parent means figuring out some of the trickier elements for yourself.

4. Embrace the new mother look

You’re beyond tired, hormonal and you’ve just given birth! So, it’s perfectly okay to answer the door with milk stained clothing, dark circles and greasy hair. Embrace it.

5. No need to run the hoover round
Please do resist the temptation to just run the hoover round, people wont expect it and it is unnecessary pressure to put on yourself.

How did you deal with visitors after having a baby? Let us know in the comments below

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This blog post will hopefully help you to understand what our petite newborn with sibling/s sessions are. I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions our clients ask when considering which session suits them best.

What is a petite newborn with sibling session?

The session is designed for parents who want to purely capture images of their newborn baby with their older sibling/s. The session will be 2/3 sibling poses and one prop (basket/bowl/bed).

How long is this session?

The session is roughly a hour in length and although we will do our best to get baby in the sleepy newborn poses we cannot guarantee this. We will do awake shots if needed.

How much is the petite newborn with sibling/s session?

The session costs £99 including 5 high resolution images. Extra images can be purchased at a cost of £20 each.

Can I have photos of our newborn on their own aswell?

No, if you want images of baby on their own aswell as with sibling/s then our full newborn sessions are more suitable.

Can parents be included with the session?

This session is purely for newborn babies and their sibling/s. Parents can be included in a full newborn session.

Can I use a discount on this session?

This session can not be used in conjunction with any discount.

Do I pay the £99 upfront?

To book the session we ask for a non refundable deposit of £30. The remaining fee of £69 is payable on the day of your session either in cash or by bank transfer.

When can I book?

You can book any time after your 20week scan. We will book your due date in our diary and ask that you contact us once baby arrives. We will arrange for the session to be within 14days of birth when possible.

I’ve already had my baby, is it too late?

Although we do recommend booking whilst pregnant we do try to never turn new parents away and may have last minute availability so please do contact us.

How do I book?

Please email or call 07828 877598 to check we can accommodate your due date. We will then send across details of how to pay your deposit, this will secure your session.



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